Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Long time no BLOG. the usual with me. hope everyone had an amazing Easter. I wasn't able to spend Easter with my precious little babes because I had to work. I had a choice that day... to be  bummed out that I had to go to work at such a stressful job and miss yet another holiday with my kids and sacrifice  precious little memories and moments with them OR I could choose to be extremely grateful that I have the blessing of being able to go to work, I have health, a family who adores my children and can watch them while I work, and just the mere blessing of having a job that keeps the kids and I a float, and not homeless lol. I chose to be happy and thankful that I was blessed to be able to go to work that day and provide for them. I enjoyed many pics and face time with my babies. here are a few id love to share. The kids spent the day with my parents and the burgiss's who planned a wonderful dinner and an awesome Easter egg hunt along with a second Easter  basket for each of the kids. Thank you to my amazing family for always making my babies feel loved and so special.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It is NEVER to late to Heal

warning I am extremely emotional tonight so we can only expect a venting/crappy blog...first off I want to say THANK YOU! thank you to all of the amazing people who reached out with love and support for me and my family after watching the episode of Intervention.  It took a lot of courage for my family to throw our struggles out to the whole world to see. I did it in a last stitch effort to save my brother. I now know that whatever he chooses to do with his life and whatever road he travels I did everything I knew how to do to help him and save him.  NOONE can be saved unless they want it bad enough. One thing I truly believe in is the fact that YOU are in charge of your own life and your own happiness... it is up to you as a your own person to CHOOSE happiness...It is not about how you act in life, its about how you REACT.  This is coming from someone who has struggled with debilitating panic disorder and depression... I am a single mom who has had to put my dreams on hold to put my kids first and I have had to work my ass off and throw every need for myself away because these precious beautiful babies need ME. I couldn't even tell you who the hell I am anymore. I have watched my brother spiral out of control.. I have watched him make everyone lives around him pure hell, I have watched my mom nearly Die numerous times right in front of me... I have been in two relationships in my life that became extremely unhealthy... I have allowed others words to define me and to hurt me .. I have allowed people to convince me that my failure in life is becoming  a mother... NOT anymore.  I have been on this journey of renewing myself... finding who I am, who I want to stand for and what I want my kids to see.  I want to be a loving, calm. caring, and most of all a HAPPY person.  Everyday I wake up and I say "Today I am choosing HAPPINESS".  it is not easy let me tell yoU! Especially the last few days... I woke up to a txt msg saying I have 8 dollars in my acct. and lee had a fever and I had no medicine for him and was forced to ask my dad to buy it for him, Ellie was out of formula and I needed to refill her reflux meds.  Then later that day my mom suddenly collapsed and hit the floor so hard her arm was broken in two different bones and EMS were called, we were all so scared for her. Later that day I thought to myself  "here we go.. here is your test... are you going to choose happiness?" and you know what ... that is exactly what I did. I just thought "wow here I am so healthy and I have this amazing gift of being a mother... my mom is going to be OK Thank God.. and its going to be ok... it will ... it has to be ok". I held my kids a little tighter then usual and I prayed like crazy for my mom and my poor dad who is just barely hanging on as it is.  I came home cleaned the house like a bat shit crazy person and an amazing, loving, and kind friend of mine came by with formula for Ellie (so I didn't have to get my sleeping baby and Landon out in the pouring rain just to run to the store for formula.) and dinner for us. What an amazing blessing she was that day. she also rocked ellie after her bath so I could get lee a bath and ready for bed.. I cant tell you how grateful I am for her that day... I sure needed the company and the extra loving hand. Thank you sweet girl!  I laid in bed with my beautiful peaceful sleeping  babies and I finally was able to feel a glimpse of  peace again.  Those kids are my world.. my light and my saving grace.

This whole taking control of my life is something that has made me even stronger then I already am... It has allowed me to walk away from a horrible unhealthy relationship... it has taught me that the one who holds their tongue and the one who can ignore the hate and keep God strong in their heart... they are the strongest. It has forced me to stand up for myself and to really go after what I truly believe to be right in my heart and to choose my own path in life.  I have HOPE.  I know this isn't where I am supposed to be and I have faith that  God has an amazing plan for me and the kids... I have been through to much pain and hurt to give up now. It all has to be worth it someday right?

I have a plan and I have goals and dreams for us... I wont stop and I wont give up because we deserve the best.. we deserve a good life and by God I will make that happen because I am the only one who can do it. I will work a million hours a week if I have to but I will do it .. and I will get get through school... I will become an RN... it might take time ... but I am taking stepping stones towards that goal... right now my priorities are finding PEACE of mind in life... and truly putting these kids first. 

I have cut a few of people out of my life and some I will keep at a distance. I refuse to allow anyone who chooses to belittle me, verbally abuse me in any way, or cause me pain to have an ounce of me .  their words and thoughts are nothing to me.  I found this prayer in a book that I am obsessed with called "UNGLUED" and I literally  pray this daily:

 God, I’m so tired of being hurt. I’m so tired of feeling distracted and discouraged by this situation Pour Your lavish mercy on my heart and into this hard relationship. Help me to see the obvious hurt they must have in their life that makes them act this way. Help me to have compassion for their pain. Help me to see anything I’m doing or have done that has negatively affected this situation. And please help me to know how to separate myself graciously from this constant source of hurt in my life. It all feels impossible. Oh God, speak to me. Reveal clearly how I can best honor You, even in this.

That Is what I am going to leave you with tonight... have faith, choose happiness, and love with all your heart. NIGHT!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A day in the life- lazy Sunday :)

Hey guys, I saw a few mommy bloggers do "day in the life" post with pictures sink thought I'd go ahead and do one too :) here was our lazy/family Sunday.

7:30am- Ellie woke up for her 6:30am feeding and I finally got her back asleep at 7:30am. I usually have to lay her on my chest and pat her bum and she usually will fall asleep just like this. I soaked up some snuggle time and debated rather I should fall back asleep while both kids were asleep or get up and make me breakfast and drink my coffee and have some alone time.. I chose to eat and drink some coffee ...
 Miss Ellie slept until 10ish and mr. Lee slept until 11.. Yes lee sleeps in on the wknds a lot and he has been having some bad dreams and is up a lot the ought put the night as well :/ don't judge lol  
Here is Ellie before her 10:30am feeding and her big smiles with her full tummy after her feeding 
Happy girl..

 I rocked ellie back asleep around 11:30 and I made Landon some breakfast, cleaned bottles and mopped all the floors then sat down with lee and watched a movie.
Ellie had some tummy time when she woke up after her 1pm feeding. She isn't much of a fan of it to say the least.. Brother was there for moral support ;) 
Every Sunday we go to the Burgiss's for Sunday dinner. We have done this for nearly two years now and Landon looks forward to it every Sunday. We decided to grill out and lee got to help poppy start the grill ( he just rolled up balls of newspaper don't worry guys he wasn't near the fire). It was a gorgeous day out so while Ellie napped in her car seat Cynthia, gracyn, Landon, and I all hung out outside in the back yard and played. 
Gran has a basket of suckers and everytime we get to the house lee gets one lollipop.. Sometimes two ;) momma had to grab one too.  We grabbed some books and read stories and colored outside while poppy was grilling and gracyn played in her jump play thing. 
After dinner Ellie got pretty tired and fussy so while i fed her cynthia got  Landon  ready for bed in his super cute new jammies gran got him, and after about five " five more minutes mom please just five more minutes!!???" from landon we headed home around 9. 
It took my a while to get Ellie to sleep  but she finally fell asleep around11:00 and woke every 4 hours to eat. Landon fought going to bed but he was pretty exhausted and fell asleep around 10 which is pretty late for him but hey we do the best we can.  That is what we call a good night lol . 
I love Sundays and I love these little kiddos more then anything in this whole world. Hope you guys had a great weekend :) 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Oh dear God today I feel like I am on the verge of a complete mental breakdown!!! Just so much for one person to handle! I am totally failing at being a mom of two. I just completly suck at life right now and all I want to do is ball up and cry. 
Ellie is a handful to say the least. She literally cried pretty much all the time. It takes a good 3-4 hrs to get her to sleep at night and she usually is up evey 4 hrs on a good night. Last night was one of the hell nights that seem to come along every few days. We slept a cumulative f a bout 3 hrs. I was up at 7am driving her around just so I didn't have to listen to crying anymore. This blog is all about being honest, the bad, the ugly, as everything in between so please excuse me is this seems like I'm ungratful because I am not at all. Lets be real if you are a mother who has legit had to raise your child I am sure you have had these moments or days where you literally just want to give up! 
Yes these babies are the best thing in my life and I be lost without them but whew I am worn out and a nervous wreck. I have completly lost who I am. I have nothing in this life that is truly for me anymore which is exactly what parenthood is about and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I would beer complain about being a mother when it was my decisions that led me here but I can't stand that fact that once again I am standing here alone and the weight of the world and well being of these children lays strictly on my shoulders. That to me is not fair and yes I am very angry and resentful. I know there are ppl outthete who don't agree with me and have not heard my side of the story which sucks beause I so badly want to get the truth out but I can't and that is also just eating me alive. At the end of the day the ppl who love my children and I mean truly love and know them they are the ones who matter and they are the ones who truly know us and support us. For that I am so thankful! 
Iv been broken and beat up emotionally these past few months by so many ppl that I truly loved,trusted, and believed in. I never thought my heart could hrt so bad and how much someone could hate me to the point of intentionally hurting me in anyway they could. That is something I need so badly to move on and let go from. I want to let go of the anger and resentment and accept that this is who thy are and it's their loss not mine. I am blessed to be able to be a mother and hold my daughter and son everyday. I am the one they will love and truly bond with. I am the one they will go to for love and support and waking and for that I am beyond grateful!  Today is a challenge as I like to call them but this to shall pass and I will try my best to find the peaceful moments in the midst of the challenges. I am a survivor in more way the. Anyone knows. .

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy birthday my sweet love!!

What is your favorite color?  Orange
What is your favorite toy? Spiderman toy
What is your Favorite fruit? Grapes & Strawberries
What is your favorite TV show? Ninja's- but mommy says Austin and Ally
What is your favorite movie?  Star wars - mommy says iv never seen it but hey whateve!
What is your favorite animal? Lions
What is your favorite thing to wear? Spiderman or Superman shirt
What is your favorite song? Ninja's - song I made up all by myself and sing all the time!
What is your favorite book to read? Peter Rabbit or anything with ninjas
Who is your Best Friend? Shmee, Gracyn, Momma

What is your favorite Snack?  Banana ice cream with Bananas and Strawberries :)
What is your Favorite drink? Orange juice
What is your favorite breakfast?  peanut butter toast w/ yogurt
What is your favorite Lunch?  chicken or turkey sandwich
What is your favorite game to play? Candy Land- we love playing this game at Sunday dinner at grans.
What is your favorite thing to play outside?  just PLAY!
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
What do you sleep with at night? Sponge bob pillow and sponge bob blanket. Sometimes Alvin stuffed animal.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Firefighter!
** I found this cute idea on Pinterest and decided to ask Lee all of these questions and start asking him every year on his BDay and see how his views and loves change throughout the years as he grows**

Friday, March 8, 2013

35/36 Weeks pregnancy blog

How far along are you? 36 weeks and 1 day.

Total weight gain?  a boat load! 17 lbs!! catching up that's for sure!

Maternity Clothes?  No, I don't need them because I live in sweats and yoga pants :)

Stretch Marks?  yup : /

Sleep?  sleep has been great the past two nights so crossing my fingers and toes that it stays that way... BUT the rest of this week was rough with the heart burn and feeling like im going to throw up... also I have had bad anxiety lately and that has been causing me to not be able to sleep... my heart starts racing and I just get very anxious like something horrible is going to happen.. I think a lot was triggered when I woke up and my mom had collapsed then the morning she woke up not breathing and was in sent to ICU.. it has just been a rough couple months so for someone who has anxiety it deff has gotten worse.

Best Moment of this week?  I have to say having my mom come home from the hospital.... my mom and I have a such a crazy relationship but things have gotten so much better after she went to treatment and since my brother has been gone.  We still fight over dumb shit but we are really working on our issues.. I missed her and was so worried about her so having her home was a relief. We were told that she is very lucky to be alive and that if we would have waited 24 more hours to get her to the hospital she most definitely would have been on life support and wouldn't have lived.

Miss anything?  I mean same stuff.. just want my body back where im not so physically uncomfortable and in pain all the time. I get so worn out and I want to be able to keep up with the house chores.. work and keep up with a very energetic 4 year old but right now my body isn't able to do so.

Food Cravings?  I have not given into this craving but I have been having mad cravings for cupcakes or cake! I keep looking up pinterest recipes but I never end up making any cake.  I am secretly looking forward to eating tons of cake on lees bday this Tuesday!

Gender? Baby Girl! miss Ellie

Any Labor signs?  Lots of Braxton hicks and some sharp shooting pains through my pelvis that are totally not fun and driving me insane! BUT I had my 36 wk check up yesterday (3/7/13) and I am 4cm dilated and 50% effaced so I am assuming these aches and pains are actually doing something and getting my body ready for labor so that's pretty encouraging and makes it all worth it!!

Symptoms?  Same ole preggo symptoms! heartburn, pressure and back pain and hip pain.

Belly button IN or OUT? totally FLAT!

Happy OR Moody?  umm ya know up and down... only so much you can control in life and sometimes these hormones get the best of me.  Just dealing with a lot of anxiety like I said before.. but I know I will get through it I have before.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

34 weeks pregnant

How far along are you? 35 weeks tomorrow (2/28/13)

Total weight gain:  15 pounds

Maternity clothes:  No just sweats, jammies, and leggings.

Stretch Marks:  Yup found a new one this wk... oh well ill never have a cute body again but ill have some cute babies instead!

Sleep:  sucks! my hips hurt so damn bad and now its my lower back. I barely can turn over with it struggling. I guess I better get used to no sleep because soon my life will never consist of sleep!

Best moment of this week:  This has been a hell week, but in the midst of it all I got to get an ultra sound of my sweet baby girl who is growing well and actually measured a little big.

Miss anything?  I miss feeling good and not waddling when I walk. I have always had bad hip pain and joint pain...but its gotten way worse with the pregnancy.. hoping to God this pregnancy and the stress doesn't throw my body into RA.  My mom has Rheumatoid arthritis was diagnosed when she was 19 and if I have it, it might not show up until after pregnancy ... so just always in the back of my mind when my joints hurt and my immune system becomes so low and I have been sick non stop for the last 9 months.

Food Cravings? I have been craving junk which I have to stop! I crave Lucky Charms all the time! and one new one which I totally not me is MOUNTAIN DEW!! I haven't drank that crap since high school and I have been craving the crap out of it!

Gender: Girl.

Any Labor signs?  Lots of Braxton hicks and lower menstrual like back pain... and tons of pressure.. but im sure im good .

Symptoms: heart burn is back. just mood swings, a litte depression.... but that's just due to the hormones and just if you truly know me .. its been rough lately.

Belly button IN or OUT?  IN just a little flat still.

Happy or Moody? just been a hard week, my poor momma who has been through hell and back in life is in the ICU fighting pneumonia and sepsis... also they found she had a mild heart attack.... love that little fighter !  also lee has a nasty stomach bug and im praying I don't get it now.. when it rains it pours.